Roush Aviation maintains a large inventory of original Rolls Royce and Packard V-1650 Merlin engine parts and repairable cores.  These parts are available to provide the necessary parts needed to overhaul and repair engines for our customers.  We have core engines available for sale to be overhauled in our repair station for our customers that need an engine. 

In addition to the inventory of original parts, we also have available to our customers our full line of FAA PMA replacement parts that we manufacture.  Each one of our replacement parts has been designed and tested, not only to provide a part to replace the original Packard or Rolls Royce part, but to provide a part that incorporates advances in materials and technology to provide for a stronger design, increased durability, and longer life.  Advanced technology used to design replacement parts includes: White Light Scanning, 3 Dimensional Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, and Rapid Prototyping.  All of these capabilities are available in house.  Additionally, we retain a large library of Rolls Royce data, Packard data, North American Aviation data, Technical Specifications, Military Specifications, and other sources of vintage data, that not only enables us to research the original design, but improve on it.  

Below is a listing of our available FAA PMA Parts.  Please check back often, as we are continuously in the process of developing and approving additional parts.


Roush Aviation NEW FAA PMA Parts:
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Roush Aviation Specialty Merlin Tools:
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For more information about our parts inventory contact:

Bill Armour
Part Sales
Office: 734-779-7365
Fax: 734-779-7997

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